Sunday, October 25, 2009


A casual examination of this blog would quickly reveal a dereliction of duty, as nothing has been posted, explained, rhapsodized, loved, or praised since mid-June more than four months past. This suggests, I suppose, multiple conclusions, as it may indicate either slothfulness or vivaciousness-- I will take credit for both. No doubt there has often been something more important to do, just as there has been much acquiescence to the pleasures of reading, traveling, and social visits. I have spent a great many evenings with nothing much to be proud of, simply one day older and worrying about the unrealized life.

Anyways, maybe there have been some lost opportunities; I have read a great many books that are consumed, digested, and forgotten like some terrific meal, whose taste I will forget if I don’t jot down the distinguishing characteristics of its fine flavor. So I’d like to try to use this forum more often, perhaps to review or discuss literature and history, even cinema, if only to provoke questions that lead not necessarily to concrete answers, but to even more interesting questions. So great attempts will be made, but with life accelerating in all its pleasures and obligations, I am capable of no promises, only hope.

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